The provincial government building of North Brabant is going to change. From an old school "government building" to a monumental building where people of Brabant work with and for each other and decide how to face the future together in this region. Dynamic, creative and connecting. To support this development in a playful way, Studio Anne Ligtenberg was asked to develop a project to address employees and visitors in a different way than through house rules, to collect ideas from them and to make the employees and visitors aware of the new use of the physical environment in a sustainable way.

The aim of this project is to make employees feel ownership of the new way of working at the province. We will do this by creating a temporary installation in which we will map out their experience of working at the province in co-creative workshops with interdisciplinary groups of employees. This experience can be different for everyone and is therefore a source of inspiration for each other. By visualising this with each other in maps, this project offers insights into how your colleagues work, move and meet. In this way, employees can learn from each other, see new opportunities and seize them.

With the input of the workshops, we create maps that are composed of the different core layers. Challenges, Connection, Health and Sustainability are always connected, but in the different maps we highlight a few layers to show the depth of, for example, sustainability. These different maps are permanent, placed at strategic places within the provincial building and are used as conversation starters. With these cards, the working group 'the new way of working' or ambassadors can start a conversation with employees. This keeps the conversation going and people can continue to learn from each other.


Photography: Dana Savic

Meeting point Province North Brabant

Ongoing project


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