This cutlery adapts the surrounding to Roos, instead of her having to adapt to her surrounding.

Roos is one of the many children who has cystic fibrosis. This means that her body produces more viscous mucus than people who have not got this disease. This has a couple of consequences for her health and for her eating habits. She has a special diet to follow and with everything she eats she has to take medication.

Roos her aversion of eating and having to take a large amount of medicine makes every meal a battle for her and a source of worry for her parents. Roos always ends up sitting alone at the table having to finish her meal. For Roos eating should be more than only bringing food to her mouth and swallowing it. She needs distraction from other people eating around her. So eating can be a social event for her. The goal was not to adapt Roos to her surrounding, but the surrounding to Roos.

Roos her family should be slowed down to Roos her pace when having a meal to give Roos more social distraction while eating.


Shown in Het Klokhuis (watch here).

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