Intrigued by the human aspect of healhcare and the way perception of it works, Anne Ligtenberg deals with Risisti, an illness that requires some explanation, just as any other dysfunction does. Clear information can sensitise. That is also the starting point of the interest groups: making the illness comprehensible for all involved, directly or indirectly.

However, this stream of information may unintentionally become stigmatising, because informing and simplifying simultaneously amplifies the contrast between normal and not normal. This pigeon-holing (hokjesdenken) is what Anne Ligtenberg adresses in a spatial installation: a pigeon-hole as metaphor, containing everything about the illness Risisti.

Photography: Kristof Vrancken

AnneLigtenbergRisistiinstallationKristofVrancken1 AnneLigtenbergRisistiinstallationKristofVrancken2 AnneLigtenbergRisistiinstallationKristofVrancken03

Risisti installation


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