Density Ripples is a special edition made for the label Form & Seek. It is a colour and graphic study to see how two colours interact with each other and what happens with the white in between space. The silkscreens are done together with Atelier Mats. From up close new patterns arise, whilst from a far the colours take over and blend in.


Limited serie of 24 per colour combination

400gr paper, 50x70cm


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Density Ripples

FormSeekAtelierMatsStudioAnneLigtenbergBluePinkRubendelaRiveBox FormSeekAtelierMatsStudioAnneLigtenbergGreenBlueRubendelaRiveBox FormSeekAtelierMatsStudioAnneLigtenbergGreenPinkRubendelaRiveBox FormSeekAtelierMatsStudioAnneLigtenbergBlueGreyRubendelaRiveBox FormSeekAtelierMatsStudioAnneLigtenbergGreyPinkRubendelaRiveBox FormSeekAtelierMatsStudioAnneLigtenbergGreenGreyRubendelaRiveBox

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