BLANK SPACE MAGAZINE is a platform for designers to talk and reflect with each other about why they do what they do. Instead of focusing on what they produce, a conversation that is much more common at exhibitions, design fairs, or even in design magazines, we are interested in their vision, what drives them, and how they position themselves and their work within the world with its social, ecological, human issues. BLANK SPACE MAGAZINE offers a peak behind the scenes of design practices.


Anne Ligtenbergs role in Blank Space Magazine:

Graphic Design and Art Direction


Interviewer of:

Issue #3

Pleun van Dijk

Tessel Bruhl & Julia Veldman


issue #2

Studio Mieke Meijer

Lucas Maassen & Margriet Craens

Foundation We Are


issue #1

Tessa Koot

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Blank Space Magazine


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Issue #3 - Pleun van Dijk

Issue #3 - Tessel Bruhl & Julia Veldman

Issue #2 - Studio Mieke Meijer

Issue #2 - Lucas Maassen & Margriet Craens

Issue #2 - Foundation We Are

Issue #1 - Tessa Koot