Welcome to bingo night. Tonight you will be standing in the shoes of beautiful 70- and 80-year-olds. Together, you are preparing for a wonderful old age. What challenges do you, as a senior citizen, encounter in your life? How do you solve them? Will you and your fellow players gather enough people around you to lend a hand? Or can you do something for others? Play the game, talk to each other and get bingo together!

This form of Bingo is a cooperative game: to win, you have to work together. During the game, you are given cards with a challenge or a contact. Together you decide which contact cards can be used to solve the challenges. The trick is to build a network of contacts from different generations. On the bingo card, you keep track of your score: five solved challenges in a row is bingo: you have won. But be careful not to let the challenges pile up...



Everyone hopes to grow old in a good way. Healthy, mobile and independent, so that we can continue to do things together. Much is possible, but 'later' is not without its challenges. The Netherlands is ageing and healthcare in its current form is difficult to sustain. Elderly people will have to stay at home longer and cope more with the people around them.

It is therefore high time that we start talking and thinking about our own approach to old age. What do we want to do when we are old? And what can we do now for the present older generations? How do we give help and reciprocity a natural place in our lives?

BINGO gives you a playful way to think about the big and small challenges you may face. How can you continue to do something for others? What might you need help with? Don't wait for those questions to strike you, but talk about them together and get inspired by the special elderly people in this game. And when you are ready, pass on the game, because we all have to work for a reciprocal society.


Photography: Dana Savic

BINGO! What do you want to be when you are old?


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