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People are central to the work of Studio Anne Ligtenberg. The designers make difficult subjects open for discussion and thereby stimulate mutual understanding and resilience. The design studio distinguishes itself through an empathic approach and works primarily in the social domain to improve people's well being.


"I feel I have to make a contribution to society. This determines which assignments I accept, but also what I do in my free work. A lot of my projects are related to my personal situation or surroundings. If not, I delve deeper into the subject until it is familiar territory. I see the problems and people's experiences up close and therefore I tend to look for solutions as a designer."

"As a designer, you're always dependent on the people you work with. People and their situations - which they choose to share with me - are my sources. First I want to understand the circumstances and this understanding always comes first. Only then does the actual designing start."

Anne Ligtenberg

- Founder Studio Anne Ligtenberg

- Coordinator Man & Wellbeing, Design Academy Eindhoven

- Art Director Blank Space Magazine

- Member of the board Stichting Sectie-C




Blauwe Maan

Hoge School van Amsterdam

Universiteit voor Humanistiek


Dutch Design Foundation

Provincie Noord Brabant

EYE Filmmuseum

Form & Seek

Genmab BV

Design Academy Eindhoven

Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten


Stad Genk, Belgium

Yksi Expo

Kuperus & Gardenier


Beekdal Lyceum




Commons, Sectie-C, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

#designopen, Sectie-C, Eindhoven, the Netherlands


#designopen, Sectie-C, Eindhoven, the Netherlands


Printing plant art book fair, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

We feel fine, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Hope, Kazerne, Eindhoven, the Netherlands


Found in Translation, Sectie-C, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

What if Lab: Brabant Kiest!, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Interstices, Centre National de la Danse, Pantin, France

Who Cares?, BKKC, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Festival Designkwartier, Zeeheldenkwartier, Den Haag, the Netherlands

Go fund yourself!, BKKC, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Density project, Yksi Expo, Eindhoven, the Netherlands


Looking at Soft Data, Sectie-C, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Dating Dutch Design, Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Common Ground, MAXCity, Budapest, Hungary

Form&Seek London Design Festival, Old Truman Brewery, London, England

Festival Designkwartier, the Hague, the Netherlands


SOFT DATA, Sectie-C, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

The Value of Numbers, BLANCCOLLECTIVE, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Innographics, Grafisch Atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Symbiosis, Musée Cognacq-Jay, Paris, France

WATER.WAR, Budafabriek, Kortrijk, Belgium

Sin Limites!, Central de Diseño, Matadero Madrid, Spain


Looking for the in-between, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium

Change of state, Sectie-C, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Beyond food and design, C-mine, Genk, Belgium

Innovation for Health Design Expo, Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Design uit het land van de aardappeleters, Noordbrabants museum, 's- Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Onbeperkt, Yski Expo, Eindhoven, the Netherlands


Graduation Show 2014, Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Feeling Blue, NulZes, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

VORMenTAAL, Yksi Expo, Eindhoven, the Netherlands


Who cares? Design cares, Yksi Expo, Eindhoven, the Netherlands




Innovation for Health, Amsterdam RAI, amsterdam, the Netherlands

Nationaal Dyslexie Conferentie 2015, CineMec, Ede, the Netherlands

Nederlandse Vereniging van Ziekenhuizen, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Kennisfestival leren in Brainport, Evuluon, Eindhoven, the Netherlands




Connectors Ring, Design Academy Eindhoven, projects: Dyslexie, Autism - Playing with impulses




Creative Heroes Award, project: Het Dyslexie Boek


Innovation for Health Awards, project: Autism - Playing with Impulses


Index Design to improve life Awards, Play & Learning - Education, project: Autism - Playing with impulses

Bio Art and Design Awards

Studio Anne Ligtenberg


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