With the book 'dyslexie' Anne tells the story what dyslexia is as complete as possible. She graduated cum laude at the Design Academy Eindhoven wit this project.

Dyslexia is a disorder manifested mainly in automatizing language. A lot is written and told about dyslexia, but language alone is insufficient to give a good picture of what dyslexia means.

During Anne’s research she worked with dyslexic people. She interviewed pedagogues, dyslexia coaches and asked dyslexics of all ages to describe their life with dyslexia. This resulted in a large amount of examples of perception of dyslexia. These examples are shown in a visual way.

The book is build like a dyslexic brain. The left side of the book represents the left brain hemisphere. In this part images are made with language and Anne shows the difficulties a dyslexic has, processing language.

The right part represents the compensating right brain hemisphere. Here the non-language aspects the dyslexic person uses to work with language are visualised.

Because the book is divided in two parts, you have to make the connections to understand the complete story. By doing so you actively make connections the way dyslexics do when they process language.


In November 2017 a crowdfund campaign will start to realize the production of the first copies of the book.

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6 pages are for sale as 6 postcards for €8,- (order here)


Photography: Femke Rijerman

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Dan starten wij met de crowdfund campagne om het Dyslexie boek te realiseren.

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